DermaSilk Intimo - Frequently Asked Questions


We are the UK and Ireland distributors of the entire range of DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing, including DermaSilk Intimo. if you are viewing from outside the UK and Ireland, please click here to see whether there is a DermaSilk distributor in your country.


  • What is so different about this silk?

    We are the UK and Ireland distributors of the entire range of DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing, including DermaSilkIntimo. if you are viewing from outside the UK and Ireland, please click here to see whether there is a DermaSilk distributor in your country.

  • I'm worried about the idea of an antimicrobial on the fabric. What does it do and why is it there?

    The antimicrobial is an important part of any therapeutic silk product as silk is made from protein which will feed microbes that come into contact with it. The antimicrobial therefore helps to control the growth of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the silk.


    The other reason it is there is that many women may be re-infecting themselves from their own "clean" underwear! Some microbes can withstand today's low temperature washes so the get back onto you from laundered knickers.


    The antimicrobial in DermaSilk is specially designed to remain bonded to the silk. It will not wash off in the machine nor will it rub off onto your skin. It kills any organism which comes into direct contact with the fabric in the briefs. Consequently there is no risk of contamination from washed laundry and any organisms which come into contact with it whilst the clothing is being worn are also killed.


    The antimicrobial has been tested for over 40 years on all types of skin, including open wounds and has been shown to be safe and without side-effects. It will still maintain a healthy level of microbes in the area as it does not leech onto the skin itself.


  • Which size is best for me?

    Our unique design means that the underwear is capable of stretching comfortably to almost twice its resting size so don’t look shocked when you take them out of the pack! We’ve put an approximate size guide on the website based on UK dress sizes but if in doubt, go for the larger size.


    If in doubt, give us a call and we will offer advice on style and size.


  • Why only white?

    This is the natural colour of the fabric and we are reluctant to add dyes to the product which might upset delicate, irritated skin.


  • How do you hide the elastane?

    We have a secret process of encasing elastane fibres in a web of silk threads before they are knitted into the briefs. This process also allows us to use only 4% elastane to achieve the stretch where others may use 8% or more. Rest assured, no elastane will come into contact with your skin.


  • It looks terribly small, will it fit?

    The unique design allows for a stretch of almost twice their resting size when they are worn. DermaSilk are designed to stretch in both directions.


  • Which style is best for me?

    This is very much a personal choice and may even be affected by what else you are wearing. Generally we find that ladies with lichen sclerosus prefer the mini shorts over all the other styles. Patients with inguinal folliculitis tend to choose the full shorts and patients with issues with candida tend to select the slips.


    Again, if in doubt please give us a call for advice.


  • What is the gusset made from?

    The gusset on all DermaSilk Intimo garments is made from the original DermaSilk fabric which has been used for many years in eczema clothing. It forms a soft, breathable surface to reduce irritation and calm inflamed skin.

  • I use creams to help control my condition. Will they interfere with the DermaSilk or vice versa?

    DermaSilk garments are most effective if they are used clean on clean skin. if you use any creams please give the cream a few minutes to absorb into the skin before putting on the briefs.


    If you suffer from any form of discharge you might find it useful to change the briefs more often than you would with conventional briefs.

  • I normally use panty liners to keep me fresh. How will this affect the effectiveness of the briefs?

    DermaSilk acts by direct contact with the skin so panty liners will block their effect. We've found that in most cases the ability of DermaSilk to absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling damp stops the need for panty liners and the antimicrobial protection helps minimise odours.

  • How do I wash it?

    Full washing instructions are included with every pack. Hand or machine washing is possible, using non-biological (also known as enzyme free in some countries) detergents that are listed as being suitable for silk. A cool wash (30- 40 degC) followed by a good rinse and air drying are recommended. DO NOT use bleach as this will permanently damage the silk and don’t use a fabric conditioner. You don’t need to artificially soften something as soft as silk but in hard water areas you can remove calcium deposits by soaking the underwear in a solution of 2 tablespoons of baking powder in 1 litre of warm (60 deg C) water for a couple of hours before washing. This technique can also help to remove stubborn stains.


    Repeated washing will not affect the effectiveness of the briefs.


  • I’ve accidentally washed it with my whites in a hot wash. Will it be spoilt?

    Don’t panic! As long as you haven’t used bleach a single wash in biological detergent or at a higher than normal temperature shouldn’t cause any reduction in effectiveness.

  • How does it work?

    The effect produced by DermaSilk Intimo is based partly on the natural properties of silk and partly on a few technological tweaks. Natural silk contains a protein called sericin which is a potential skin irritant. Specially treated sericin-free silk has virtually no allergenic potential and has been safely used as a suture material for decades.


    Clothing knitted from sericin-free silk has two key therapeutic properties. It protects the damaged skin from frictional trauma and controls its immediate environment by hydroscopically maintaining the trans-epidermal water balance thereby reducing dryness and itch.


  • Do I have to wear them at night?

    Clinical studies and general customer feedback from over the past year points to the fact that symptoms are better controlled if the underwear is worn both day and night. With cotton and synthetic briefs there was a tendency to recommend “going commando” at night because these briefs would increase irritation by increasing local humidity. However, itch is often worst at night and the fact that the DermaSilk Intimo briefs help to reduce itch by maintaining optimal humidity levels means that they often work best at night.

  • Do I need to wear other briefs on top?

    No, these briefs are designed to be worn as a replacement for conventional underwear.

  • Which is your most popular style?

    The mini shorts appear to be very popular but this is a matter of personal choice and some ladies have bought a range of styles to suit different occasions.

  • How many pairs do I need?

    Generally we’d recommend a minimum of 3 pairs to rotate through washing. But some customers buy more styles and quantities.

  • Can I wear them under jeans?

    No problem. The design of the underwear reduces seams and elastication so they will be comfortable even under the most tight fitting jeans.

  • Why won’t my GP prescribe them?

    DermaSilk briefs are available on NHS prescription in the UK. Many GPs will be unaware of this and may question the fact that silk underwear is available at all. This is not a trivial issue and so you may have to convince your GP with the help of data from our website.

  • How can I get my GP to prescribe them?

    GPs like evidence so the clinical trials listed on our website may help as they demonstrate the additional improvement that can be created by switching from cotton briefs to DermaSilk.

  • Do I have to continue my medication once I’m using the briefs?

    Yes. DermaSilk Intimo has been shown to work as an addition to standard treatment and not as a replacement. Do not discontinue other medication without first discussing it with your GP.

  • Which styles are available on prescription?

      The ladies full briefs, gents boxers and children’s briefs are all available on NHS prescription.


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