The Vaginal Ecosystem – Nature’s Defence


Nature has developed a unique way of protecting the intimate areas from external infection - by creating an environment where a carefully controlled mix of resident microbes live and work together to maintain the correct level of pH (around 3.8-4.0) which helps to defend it against harmful fungi and bacteria. However, when the pH is altered, the ecosystem reacts, producing symptoms of itch and inflammation. The changed environment can also contribute to the development of bacterial or fungal infections. These changes in the vaginal microflora can be triggered by illness, stress, sweaty exercise, excessive heat, changing hormonal levels and the use of antibiotics.


Your Lifestyle can also alter the equilibrium

At least 60% of women suffer from imbalances in vaginal microflora which could be resolved by a change in lifestyle: tight fitting, synthetic clothing can limit aeration around the genital area and cause an increase in humidity, which can promote the development of harmful micro-organisms.


The use of intimate deodorants and panty liners is now widespread and recently odour-eliminating products containing antimicrobial treatments such as silver release, triclosan, etc have been developed.* These agents can affect sensitive skin and mucosa and alter the resident flora. This in turn can upset the equilibrium of the vagina’s ecosystem and compromise its natural defence mechanism.


When the vaginal ecosystem can no longer guarantee natural protection, DermaSilk Intimo restores the equilibrium.


Switching to DermaSilk Intimo underwear could reduce the daily use of panty liners, minimise the need for intimate deodorants and cleansing wipes and restore the normal balance of the ecosystem without affecting your confidence.


Please note: The use of DermaSilk Intimo  is not intended to replace any medications that have been prescribed by Medical Practitioners.


* Appraisal in vitro of the different bio-activity woven for lingerie against Lactobacillus acidophilus, Staph. Epidermidis, Staph. Aureus and Candida Albicans (Vittorio Sambri et al., Poster presentation - XXVIII Conference of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, EAACI 2009).



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