DermaSilk Intimo: Designed to be "Part of You"


New DermaSilk Intimo

A new generation of medical grade silk fabric utilising a revolutionary combination of sericin-free fibroin silk with only 4% elastane to provide elasticity. The elastane is carefully woven within the silk yarn so that only the silk comes into the contact with the skin.


DermaSilk Intimo briefs require no additional elastication either around the waist or legs and their seamless design make them ideal for use under close fitting clothes.


They fit most figures thanks to the elasticity of the knit and the absence of side seams which allows the garments to stretch comfortably to almost twice their size.


A matching soft cup bra is also available to complement the 5 styles of briefs for ladies.


DermaSilk Intimo briefs are also available for men and children. All are finished with DermaSilk’s patented antimicrobial technology which helps to protect against bacterial and fungal contamination and keeps the garments fresh. The antimicrobial cannot be washed or worn off and remains effective throughout the life of the garment.


Womens Mens Boys & Girls
XS / S 6 - 10 XS / S Waist 26 – 30 ins
(68-75 cm)
3/6 years

Height approximately

95/115 cm

M / L 12 -16 M / L

Waist 32 – 36 ins

(81-91 cm)

7/10 years

Height approximately

115/135 cm

XL / XXL 18 - 22 XL / XXL

Waist 38- 44 ins

(96-112 cm)


Care Instructions


If you treat DermaSilk Intimo garments with care and they will last as long as regular underwear. The antimicrobial cannot be washed off or worn out and remains effective throughout the life of the garment.


DermaSilk® is made from animal protein very similar to human hair so it can also be washed by hand with a little neutral shampoo (without conditioner or other additives).


 Alternatively, it can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C using non-biological (sometimes referred to as "enzyme-free") detergent.


Do not use bleach, fabric conditioners, stain removers or disinfectants. It is important to rinse repeatedly in plenty of water.


Do not spin-dry or tumble-dry, or dry in direct contact with sources of heat (radiators).


If you live in a Hard Water area, steep the garments occasionally in warm water and bicarbonate (2 spoons of bicarbonate per litre at 60°C) for 2-3 hours before ordinary washing to help keep them soft.


DermaSilk and DermaSilk Intimo are Trademarks of Al.Pre.Tec. Srl. Italy

Espère Healthcare Ltd. Shefford House, 15 High Street, Shefford, SG17 5DD