Intimate Comfort For Ultimate Confidence


Available in a range of styles from micro-slip to shorts, you're sure to find a style that looks great and feels even better. Made from DermaSilk, an innovative "super" fabric, DermaSilk Intimo is so soft, it feels like part of you.


Our range is produced from a new generation of medical grade silk fabric utilising a revolutionary combination of sericin-free fibroin silk with 4% elstane to provide elasticity. The elastane is carefully concealed within the silk yarn so that only the silk comes into contact with the skin, improving comfort and optimising elasticity.


The seamless design of DermaSilk Intimo makes it ideal for use under close-fitting clothes, from gym wear to jeans and dresses. Our range fits most figures thanks to the elasticity of the knit and the absence of side seams which allows the garments to stretch comfortably to almost twice their size.


All are finished with DermaSilk's patented antimicrobial technology which helps to protect against bacterial and fungal contamination and keeps the garments fresh. The antimicrobial cannot be worn off or washed out and remains effective throughout the life of the garment.

The Science Bit - What gives DermaSilk Intimo its

"Super-power" status?


All DermaSilkIntimo garments are manufactured from pure fibroin, the inert part of the silk which has a protein structure similar to hair. Sericin, a substance present in normal silk that can provoke allergic reactions has been eliminated from the fabric and no dyes or other irritant substances are used in their manufacture.


DermaSilk is a Class I Medical Device, meaning that it is approved for prescription and is widely prescribed in the form of Therapeutic Clothing in the UK and Europe to help adults and children living with atopic eczema and other delicate skin conditions. Following the success of the DermaSilk clothing line, this revolutionary fabric is now available as the DermaSilk Intimo range of underwear and is transforming women's lives.


The fabrics commonly use in underwear (and panty liners) - such as rayon, nylon, lycra, polyester and even cotton and low grade silk - can be an ideal habitat for the growth of potentially harmful micro-organisms because they provide a dangerous combination of warmth, moisture and nourishment. The use of conventional antibacterials such as triclosan and ionic silver in products to protect against this contamination may not be appropriate since they release chemical substances that can be absorbed through the skin.


By contrast, the antimicrobial permanently bonded to DermaSilk Intimo only acts on microbes that come into direct contact with the fabric and is not released from the fabric onto the skin. This antimicrobial inhibits the growth of contaminating bacteria and fungi without altering the natural flora of the skin and mucosa. It acts by attracting organisms to it and physically rupturing the microbes outer cell membrane, destroying it instantly.


DermaSilk is not like any other silk garments that you can buy. Other clothing made from standard shiny silk has not been shown in controlled clinical trials to perform in the same way as DermaSilk. Many claims are made by other manufacturers but only DermaSilk is Clinically Proven.


How DermaSilk Intimo Provides Comfort And Confidence


  • Rapidly reduces inflammatory itch, burning and localised irritation.
  • Helps control and prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth without altering the natural levels of bacteria normally present on healthy skin.
  • Helps maintain the natural freshness and humidity of the genital area thanks to its ability to absorb excess humidity (DermaSilk absorbs up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp). In this way, it effectively reduces excess heat and humidity which are factors that encourage the development of vulvo-vaginal and other genital infections.
  • Helps maintain the skin and tissue pH at optimal levels.
  • Helps to promote the repair and regeneration of the skin and mucosa thanks to the protein nature of the fibroin in the garments.

DermaSilkIntimo protection works in two ways:


  1. The fabric cannot harbour micro-organisms so there is no migration of new bacteria and fungi towards the skin and mucosa.
  2. The micro-organisms that may already be infecting the skin and the mucosa are rendered inactive when they come into contact with the fabric.

Much more than a range of therapeutic underwear, DermaSilk Intimo is so soft that it seems to be part of you.


DermaSilk and DermaSilk Intimo are Trademarks of Al.Pre.Tec. Srl. Italy

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